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Document Management


The WorkOasis Document Management application allows you to manage the thousands of documents associated with your properties in one easy-to-use, web-based system. What is truly unique is how the document library is fully-integrated into the WorkOasis enterprise management software platform. This way, whenever a document is added in any one of the 11 application categories and/or sub-categories, it is automatically posted into your library for easy access, reference, and management.

This application can be used for managing documents about sites, included as built drawings and/or space plans; archiving documents related to the work order process, including store stamps, quotes, and RFP’s; better managing your vendor base, including contract document and COI’s; accessing your real estate documents, including leases and lease abstracts; and/or any other documents you desire, with the ability to customize your own document trees. 

Each document can viewed by name, site, image, expiration date, or by date last modified. If desired, you can enable email alerts for expiring documents at the 6-month, 3-month, one-month, or expired trigger dates.



  • Manage all of your real estate and facility management documents in one integrated document management platform, linked to each application within WorkOasis’ enterprise facility management software including records for:
    • Company
    • Sites
    • Users
    • Equipment
    • Invoices
    • Scheduled maintenance
    • Service requests
    • Work orders
    • RFP’s
    • Projects
    • Vendors
  • Use the document library dashboard to access documents using dynamic columns and a quick search utility and view documents by:
    • Type
    • Name
    • Site
    • Expiration date
    • Date modified
  • Use the email based auto-alert system to keep on top of the expiration of any time sensitive document.


Return on Investment


The availability to find any document related to your real estate using our document library and quick search feature can entirely automate your document management function improving availability of information, administration, and the need to maintain paper files.

Cost Reduction:

Effective document management can reduce costs in several important ways: 

First, you will have significantly lower administrative costs for managing documents, vendor, and site files, by using an electronic vs. a paper process;

Second, the electronic document management process will help you improve compliance and become an important resource to your risk management department for tracking the legal documents related to your operations including operating certificates, COI, inspection reports, and other federally mandated documentation;

Finally, you can save money by using the document alert system to automatically notify you to expiring leases, contracts, and other time sensitive records. 


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