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The WorkOasis Budgeting application is designed to help you track and manage monthly expenses by category. It gives you the flexibility to create and maintain your own chart of accounts and populate monthly expenses as they are incurred; including the ability to compare results to your previous year's actual expenses, for reporting and variance analysis purposes.

Use the WorkOasis custom report writer to create and run reports on works-in-progress for the purpose of estimating monthly accruals and expense forecasting purposes.

Use the WorkOasis Maintenance and Capital Planning application to identify, estimate, and plan for deferred maintenance and capital replacements.

Use the WorkOasis Project Management application to track actual vs. budgeted and forecasted expenses for capital projects in progress, by line item.



  • Create a monthly expense budget with the following features:
    • Customize your own chart of accounts
    • Chart expense as they incur in real-time
    • Compare to historical costs for variance reporting
  • Run reports to track works-in-progress with the following features:
    • Track work orders for accrual purposes by estimated expense, submitted, approved, and paid status
    • Save templates for reuse for each reporting period
    • Schedule budget reports to run and be distributed automatically via email
  • Identify and estimate future expenses for planning purposes, including:
    • Maintenance defects
    • Capital defects
  • Track capital projects in progress, including:
    • Estimated vs. budgeted expense
    • Completion %
    • Notes related to variance and project progress


Return on Investment


WorkOasis can simplify the budgeting process by creating a historical baseline of spending with line item detail; add to this a forecast of deferred maintenance and capital spending needs to improve the budgeting process.

Cost Reduction:

Track monthly expenses vs. that of previous periods to better manage expenses and meet monthly budget commitments.  Benchmark expenses by square footage to identify expense categories for process redesign and improvement.


Screen Shots


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