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Carbon Footprint Management


The WorkOasis Carbon Footprint Management application is designed to provide you with detailed information surrounding energy use at the site level. You can track your carbon footprint by utility spend, employee, or square footage. 

Use the utility company register and the document manager to track utility contracts by facility, including rates and consumption.

Build an operating profile of each site, including a register of energy consuming equipment and hours of occupancy vs. use, as input into fine tuning your control strategies.

Finally, third party applications such as bill pay providers can either be added by tab, in your energy dashboard, or integrated through an easy-to-integrate, low cost data exchange.



  • Calculate your carbon footprint by site, through one of three measures:
    • Utility spend
    • Employee
    • Square footage
  • Manage all site-based energy information via an easy-to-use energy survey and assessment template, detailing:
    • Utility providers (electricity, gas and water)
    • Occupancy information (days, hours, notes)
  • Track and document important information for each energy consuming asset, including:
    • Asset name
    • Control type
    • Current schedule
    • Set points
    • Maintenance and operations
  • Integrate with 3rd party bill payment providers to achieve one integrated dashboard for all of your energy management reporting needs.


Return on Investment


The ability to track your carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important as part of corporate sustainability planning and corporate stewardship. WorkOasis simplifies what could be a complex process by providing you with an easy-to-use tool for managing your utility suppliers, documents, rates and consumption.

Cost Reduction:

Using WorkOasis to benchmark energy usage between similar types of facilities and providing that information to site operations managers, has proven to be one of the lowest cost, but most effective means of improving energy operating practices. By identifying both the best and worst sites in terms of energy usage, you can reduce costs by 2-3% by improving the energy performance of bottom 20% of your portfolio. In addition, having an accurate list of energy consuming equipment will aid you in assessing the energy efficiency of each piece of equipment, for capital replacement planning purposes.


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