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Customer Satisfaction Surveys


The WorkOasis Customer Satisfaction Survey application provides you with the ability to easily set-up and administer a professional survey process.  

You can create your own surveys forms using our survey template, which allows you to enter questions, assign ratings, and email survey questionnaires to your internal clients.  

Survey results are then tabulated and displayed on an easy- to- use dashboard, providing you valuable, real- time information on performance.


  • Create your own customer satisfaction forms
    • Add your own questions (10 fields)
    • Create your own rating categories
    • Color code your responses
    • Set as a default for all work orders
  • Easily administer a survey process
    • Email surveys to a distribution list
    • Automatically track response rates
    • Record site, respondent, and date
    • Tabulate and display results
    • Create alerts based on poor ratings


Return on Investment


An effective customer satisfaction survey process can be a proactive tool for identifying and improving response to service issues and problems. WorkOasis simplifies the survey process by providing this tool, as part of our enterprise facility management platform, that integrates into the work order process.

Cost Reduction:

The proactive identification of service problems can save you time and improve your responsiveness to internal customers. Replacing underperforming vendors with more effective alternatives can decrease your service procurement costs by 3-5%.


Screen Shots


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