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Maintenance & Capital Planning


The WorkOasis Maintenance and Capital Planning application is a tool for managing deferred maintenance and capital spending. The application is linked to the condition assessment survey where the user simply checks the maintenance or capital defect box, moving the requirement to either the deferred maintenance or capital defect log and dashboard. Once posted you can:

  • Add additional information to the description
  • Assign an estimated dollar amount
  • View a picture of the asset
  • Remove the item from backlog by creating a work order
You can then view a maintenance and capital defect dashboard, sortable by site, category, condition, age, estimated life, and cost.


  • Maintenance and capital equipment templates:
    • Dynamically linked to condition assessment survey
    • Problem description
    • Estimated $ amount
    • Photo documentation
    • Ability to generate work order to remove from backlog
  • Maintenance and capital defect dashboard and sortable display by:
    • Site
    • Category
    • Area
    • Condition
    • Repair
    • Replace
    • Estimated life
    • Comments
    • Estimated cost
    • Actions – View, Create Work Order or Delete


Return on Investment


With the ability to track planned future maintenance and capital expenses, the WorkOasis Maintenance and Capital Planning application can greatly simplify the budgeting process, moving you from a reactive planning mode based on previous years expenditures to a proactive ability to forecast costs.

Cost Reduction:

As described in the condition assessment application, the effective management of deferred and capital expenses can save you money by enabling a strategy to replace equipment that has high recurring maintenance expenses; by grouping service requests and providing visibility of cost information to your real estate team.

In addition, the ability to view costs by category and area can provide better operational information for sourcing equipment and in designing more effective scheduled service programs, therefore, increasing equipment life and reducing lifecycle costs.


Screen Shots


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