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WorkOasis provides Sustainability Management software that gives you the ability to manage your carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, track, and report on refrigerant use. Good environmental stewardship requires the effective management of the entire supply chain for products and services throughout their life cycle of sourcing, use, and end of life. WorkOasis is an application rich platform that can enable you to execute your corporate sustainability strategies. 

The WorkOasis Sustainability Management program is comprised of three core applications:
  • The Carbon Footprint Management application provides you with the ability to track your utility providers for each location, and report on usage rates and costs for electricity, gas/oil, and water. In addition, WorkOasis provides to you an option for integration with 3rd party bill pay providers, including industry leader Advantage IQ ®, for monthly usage trending and reporting.
  • The Energy Management and Monitoring application provides you with the ability to document the energy usage of each site through a comprehensive energy assessment template including hours of operation, control strategies, and conservation measures for each asset, lighting system, and/or piece of equipment. In addition, WorkOasis provides to you an option for integration with enterprise energy management system providers for real-time Kwh usage, consumption profiling, and reporting.
  • The Refrigerant Management application provides you with an easy-to-use tool for tracking and reporting on refrigerant leak rates, ensuring compliance with Federal laws for reporting on management of greenhouse gas.
Furthermore, because WorkOasis is designed to be a single, integrated suite of applications to meet all your facility management needs, there are other ways for you to leverage its technology for improved sustainability management; some examples include:
  • Vendor Management – Use the WorkOasis contract management capability to specify your requirements for supply chain service providers.
  • Work Order Management – Use the WorkOasis capability to track and escalate refrigerant leak rates to improve responsiveness to equipment problems.
  • Maintenance Management – Use the WorkOasis maintenance task library to build policies and procedures, specific to your environmental needs and challenges.
  • Maintenance and Capital Planning – Use WorkOasis to plan and execute capital equipment upgrades in compliance with the Montreal protocol.
  • Document Management – track all of your sustainability documents in one easy to use platform (refrigerant logs, EPA compliance reports, inventory records, etc.)
  • Product Procurement – Use WorkOasis to build and manage your own catalog of environmentally friendly products and improve compliance via online ordering in a single integrated product procurement platform.
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